The toddler rooms are designed to provide a healthy, safe, stimulating
environment to the active needs of the toddler age children. Toddlers
need the freedom to explore their surroundings, yet follow a predictable,
classroom schedule. Toddlers enjoy time to discover and play in designed
center areas. Children at this age are exploring independence, peer
socialization, and language development.

Toddler rooms have a wide variety age appropriate toys and equipment
to dramatically recreate the world around them. An outside playground
area, designed just for the toddlers is a fun place to play. On rainy or
cold days, the toddlers enjoy playing in the indoor gym.

The toddler rooms are adjoined by a restroom equipped with child sized
sinks and toilets to aid in teaching self-help skills of handwashing and
toilet training. Other self-help skills encouraged in the toddler rooms
are drinking from a cup with a lid and feeding themselves with eating
utensils. The children sleep on cots during afternoon naptime.

What to Bring